Trnacat is a program for the calling and comparison of bacteriophage tRNAs

download trnacat for windows (from
installation and usage guide
important notes on trnacat's process (please read)
Alignment Identity Tool

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Warning: if a process in trnacat hangs, press "kill process" and try that process again.


Intergenic is a program that parses an annoted genbank file (.gb) and analyzes the relationships between the lengths of the annotated genes to the lengths of their neighboring unannotated regions.

Usage instructions are present in the program's graphical user interface.

download intergenic for windows (from

Warning, will tell you your are downloading trnacat, but you are actually downloading intergenic. (IntergenicSetup.exe) Do not be alarmed.

to get started with intergenic, download and run the installer. (IntergenicSetup.exe)
Details on the installation process can be found in the installation and usage guide for trnacat. (The instructions are the same for both programs.)

for help with intergenic please contact

important notes on intergenic's process (please read)